Chrissy Gardiner

Chrissy Gardiner began her knitting odyssey in 2005, shortly after the birth of her second child. Finding herself a bit stir crazy at home with an infant and toddler (but with absolutely no desire to go back to her former career as a software architect), she decided to figure out how to turn her craft obsession into a little business. Thus, Gardiner Yarn Works was born.

Chrissy is a regular contributor to Interweave Knits and has designed for Knitty, Twist Collective, Classic Elite Yarns, Blue Moon Fiber Arts and numerous compilation books. She has published her own line of patterns under Gardiner Yarn Works. Since 2006 she has written two sock books, Toe-Up! Patterns and Worksheets to Whip Your Sock Knitting Into Shape
 and Indie Socks: Knitting Patterns and Dyer Profiles Featuring Hand-Dyed Yarns

You can find more of Chrissy’s work at her website, Gardiner Yarn Works. She can be found on Ravelry as chrissyg and on twitter as @knittinmom. She lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon, with her two kids, three cats, two rabbits and one extremely patient husband.

Erica Hernandez

Erica lives in The Birthplace of Biotech with her husband, daughters Thing One and Thing Two, Pit Bull, and the memory of her son. She learned to knit as a child and, after a 30-year hiatus, picked up needles and yarn again in 2004. Her first project that year was a scarf knit as she mourned the loss of her newborn son. Since then, Erica has rarely been without her knitting, even on a catamaran 50 miles from shore in the Pacific Ocean and in a hotel lounge in Singapore (She doesn’t knit during church services, but nearly everywhere else is fair game. Heather likes to believe God would understand if she did knit in church).

Erica has been:

  • a test and sample knitter for Wendy Bernard, Chris Church, and Melissa Leapman
  • published in Knitty
  • a first place winner in her local county fair (2006)
  • and has recently branched out into publishing her own designs (and she thinks that all makes her sound much *bigger* than she really is).

She is an avid CraftLit listener, trying to keep the B.A. in English portion of her brain from rotting away from disuse. Her previous roles have included stints as a trainee teacher, receptionist, stressed-out LAN administrator, marketing coordinator, website content editor, and more, but she enjoys the at-home mom gig the most. She blogs sporadically and is on Ravelry, Facebook, and Twitter as ericah64.


Jen was afflicted early on with an overwhelming desire to know how make things. This propelled her on a quest to learn and experiment with everything she could get her hands on. Jen’s journey has lead through pottery, stone sculpture, bookbinding, paper cutting, egg dying, glass etching, paper making, collage, assemblage, quilting, embroidery, crochet, spinning, knitting, needle felting, pine needle basketry, wood turning, scroll sawing, resin casting, gourd carving, silk painting, quilling, weaving, drawing, painting, polymer clay, printmaking… and much, much more! Although she has a hard time settling down to any one media, she is best known for her Scherenschnitte (paper cuttings), her Pysanky (dyed eggs), and her resin jewelry featuring her own artwork.

Jen learned to knit from her grandmother as a small girl. After producing one lumpy chunk unappreciated scarf, she set aside her needles and walked away from knitting for the next 25 years. When she rediscovered it and all the wonders it could produce, she dove in and didn’t look back. Jen has done test and catalog sample knitting for Knit Picks, SWTC and several independent knitwear designers. She is currently branching out and experimenting with a few of her own designs.

She can be found on Ravelry and Facebook as Esmecat. she can be contacted by email at her online gallery and her artwork available for purchase can be found through Jen Minnis. and you can always peek at what she’s been up to latest at her blog at




Beverly Army Williams crafts words and fiber in the woods of Connecticut, where she lives with her husband and three active mutts. She teaches writing at a small public university and blogs at PoMoGolightly.

Amy Tyszkiewicz

Amy Tyszkiewicz is a knitter, spinner, dyer, and proud New Jersey native. Her adventures in fiber began at the age of seven, when her grandmother taught her how to knit, and she’s loved crafting and playing with color and design ever since. She sells yarn, fiber, and knitting patterns under the Limonene Designs umbrella at, and blogs about her adventures at limonene.

TestKnitter: RoxanneIring

Rosemary Cox

Rosemary Cox learned to knit from her beloved grandmother at the ripe old age of seven. Years later, knitting became a major focus when she began her doctoral program in chemical engineering and found a lovely bunch of knitters at her school. She has more recently become a mom to a spirited little one, which has been a fantastic new adventure. You can find her living in Northern Virginia with her wonderful husband and a sweet, mischievous little crawler. Their sheep, alpaca and angora goats live nearby on the family farm. She is on Ravelry as KarmaRose.

Kate Atherley

Kate Atherley is Knitty‘s Lead Technical Editor and the author of Cooperative Press books Beyond Knit and Purl and Knit Accessories. She’s a keen sock knitter, enjoys challenging knitting, and is prone to a bit of drama. Find her online at and by email at

Carrie Bradfield

Carrie Bradfield never has a problem finding something to do. She and her husband Brent are in the middle of a multi-year DIY renovation of a 130 year old Victorian house in St. Louis. When she’s not working on the house or actually at work, she’s crafting in any number of ways, including knitting, weaving, spinning, and wood turning.


Mari Chiba

Mari learned to knit while serving in the Peace Corps. During the long cold winters she would curl up in a ball and try to stay warm, then she learned to knit and knit herself a blanket. Unfortunately being self taught she did not seam the blanket properly and the whole thing fell apart within a few months. She began designing while living and teaching English in China. Mari now lives in North Carolina and is dedicated to making seamless patterns, and you can find her at and on Ravelry as MariChiba.

Brenda Dayne

An experienced rabble-rouser and long-time apple cart upsetter, Brenda Dayne has been writing manifestos since her fifth grade teacher disallowed dancing at recess.

A skilled journalist, interviewer, profile and feature writer, she has won international respect work as the creator and host of Cast On, a podcast dedicated to the radical notion that knitting matters. A frequent contributor to Interweave Knits and Interweave Crochet, Brenda has interviewed and profiled numerous hand knit designers and artists, traveled widely, and written extensively about the knitting scene in Europe and the UK.

All that Brenda knows about life she learned from her knitting; that there’s no right or wrong way to do anything, only different approaches; that gauge is a suggestion, not a Commandment; that it’s supposed to be fun.

A native of Portland, Oregon, Brenda now lives with her partner of ten years in a small village in West Wales, where the ale is strong, the people friendly, and news travels fast. Brenda is the mother of two fine young men, one of whom married a nice Welsh girl, and lives nearby, and one who still lives in Portland. She still writes manifestos.

Alex Aulisi & Cassandra Deavers

Cassandra Deavers and Alexandra (Alex) Aulisi are a Madison, WI-based graphic designer and writer respectively. They knit, sew, embroider, cook, garden, and often get distracted by shiny things—then they blog about it at They would like to thank (a million times over) their extraordinary test knitter and friend, Gael Boyd (a.k.a Stitchlilly). She can be found at


Dawn is proceeding through stay-at-home-parenthood as a bit of a handicraft dabbler. A serious crochet habit has lately been moderated by judicious amounts of knitting, spinning and hand-loom weaving. There may occasionally be beading. And possibly soap making. Oh yeah, and a lot of  foodie-type things. She has written for Interweave Crochet, was a regular columnist for the now-defunct Lime & Violet’s Daily Chum website, and is currently designing for Briar Rose Fibers. In general, she is simply shocked silly to find herself somewhere in her 30s as full time caretaker of a menagerie that consists of various little people, English bulldogs and a husband. When spare minutes allow or an avalanche of photos force her to dig out, she blogs irregularly at Crochet Compulsive and Tweets regularly at CrochetCompulsiv.


Gretchen Funk and her family live in and love Minnesota. She was introduced to knitting at an early age through trips to the local knit shop with her Father who was an avid knitter. She teaches knitting on both sides of the Mississippi at The Yarnery in St. Paul, and Crafty Planet in Minneapolis. In addition to teaching, designing, and messing around in all areas of fiber arts, She and her husband own and operate a busy bar with live music and great food called the Triple Rock Social Club. Her designs are available on Ravelry.

Todd Gocken

Todd Gocken has spent most of his adult life in schooling of some sort and has been employed in an array of interesting occupations, none of which have stuck. After suffering “middle child syndrome” for nearly 40 years, he is almost ready to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up. Until then he continues to knit and design. He is currently hoarding several designs for a forthcoming book of men’s sweaters which he has every intention of starting any day now. His published designs can be seen on Ravelry and at

Elizabeth Green Musselman
Designer, Graphic Artist

Elizabeth Green Musselman wears many knitted hats: she is assistant editor at Cooperative Press, designs knitwear (mainly for men and boys) under the moniker Dark Matter Knits, creates pattern templates and e-book designs for other knitwear designers, teaches knitting classes, and many other things besides. She previously taught college history for 13 years. Elizabeth lives in Austin, Texas.

Becky Greene

Becky Greene was born with the “Must Make Things” gene, inherited from both grandmothers. Along with obsessively knitting socks, she crochets a little, sews a little, gardens a little, and bakes a lot. She works at a school library which makes a convenient excuse for continuing to read children’s literature. She also has four children who are a constant source of delight, exasperation, and amusement. Find her online at and as greenethumb on Ravelry.

– TestKnitter: FreyalynClose (freyalyn)
– Stunt Knitter: Erin Spiker (spinnerin)

Saranac Hale Spencer

Saranac Hale Spencer knits in the German style, like her grandmother, and finds wool wherever she goes. She’s filled her tiny apartment with balls of yarn, which her bloodhound, Beulah, enjoys unwinding. When she isn’t busy in her job as a newspaper reporter, Saranac is inventing new things to knit with her needles. She runs The Defarge Knittery, which is completely unrelated to, but very friendly with, WWMDfK? Find her on Ravelry as DefargeKnittery.

Hunter Hammersen

Hunter Hammersen is an avid knitter and perpetual student. She harbors the undying hope that when she finally graduates she’ll have more time to knit.  She is very bad at writing bios.

Read about Hunter’s knitting adventures and find her other patterns at Violently Domestic. Learn about her first book, Silk Road Socks: 14 Patterns Inspired by Oriental Rugs at Silk Road Socks and all of her curiosity-inciting books since at Pantsville Press.

Becky Herrick

Becky Herrick has been fascinated by medieval costumes for years. The chemise in her personal photos of this pattern was actually her wedding dress! When she’s not knitting or making a scene with a medieval styled photo shoot, Becky is a pretty normal person. She hikes with her dogs and husband, works in her garden, goes canoeing, enjoys a good book (modern as well as medieval), and watches her chickens. OK, maybe she’s not entirely normal but she likes it that way. Find Becky at her blog and Ravelry store.
– Test Knitters: Lara Killian (malaraky); Gillian Frank (dobbysocker); Ann Brown (moilulu)
– Stunt Knitter: Amy D. (VThuskies)


Shelia January has been a knitter since she was eight, following on the heels of learning embroidery and crochet while growing up on a farm in Oregon. Knitting saved her sanity while attending college, while working for 28 years in the financial services industry, and finally, while preparing to retire to her own farm in Oregon, where she now lives with her yaks, sheep, cattle, chickens, cat and husband. She knits and designs with her handspun yarn as well as with commercial yarn, and has taught spinning and knitting at retreats, shops, conferences and fiber festivals. Her patterns are featured in The Knitter’s Book of Yarn, Fiber Gathering, The Knitter’s Book of Wool, and at various yarn and fiber businesses.


Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan learned to read at age 4 and to knit at age 7. She once said she wanted to read for a living; she now works full time as an editor and proofreader (and knits in every spare moment). She blogs at PAKnitWit. You can find her on Ravelry as PAKnitWit.


Deirdre Kennedy

Deirdre Kennedy works as a market research analyst by day and assistant to knitwear designer Hannah Fettig at Knitbot by night. She spends her weekends knitting and working as a staff member/teacher at her San Diego LYS, Two Sisters and Ewe.

– Stunt Knitter: Peter Kennedy (Yarndude)

AnneLena Mattison

AnneLena Mattison was knitting before starting school and never stopped. She lives in Northern California with her husband and their six kids. When not herding the kids to and from scouts, soccer and 4-H she spends her time running a home finance business, knitting, designing, spinning, dyeing, crocheting, and weaving. She also teaches knitting and is active in the local guild and dreams of living on a small farm some day.
– Stunt Knitters: Janice Martin (jdm6of18); Sarah Pavlick (sarahfgirl); Jaime Olson (rabidviking)

Jennifer Mauser

Jennifer Mauser, although originally hailing from the American Midwest, made a move about four years ago to the more tropical climate of Jacksonville, Florida, where she has learned to knit silk shawls, summery socks, and decorative items over her previously favored sweaters. In addition to her fibery pursuits, Jennifer also enjoys spending time with her family—her husband and three children whom she home schools. Also an avid reader, Jennifer enjoys combining her two hobbies by listening to the latest Craftlit podcast while knitting or spinning. Jennifer can be found online at her blog A Knitterary Life and on Ravelry as mamaknitter.
– Test Knitter: Jennifer Fitz (jrf1977), who works for Knitwitz, a knit shop located in Jacksonville, FL.


After the birth of her middle child, Wendy took up quilting as a hobby. Being an A type she went whole hog into quilting and filled the home with fabric. This turned into a small sewing business at During this time she also did a bit of writing and was published in a few different magazines. When the sewing got to be too much she started to crochet again, which then led to a massive stash of crocheting thread… all the way down to size 70! After that died off a bit Wendy went head first into knitting again (learned as a child), which lead to SABLE1 in 6 months! Needless to say, she will be knitting her garage down for a good, long time.

Happily married and living in the sticks on 2.5 acres with 2 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a pony, and a sheep (only one of which is female, her model and youngest child) she learned to spin and dye to cover all her many yarnie needs without ever leaving the house. This led to work as a professional spinner for a large Independent yarn company. She also dipped into dyeing and worked with Renee of Goddess Knits. Their lovely hand dyed Goddess Lace yarn was enjoyed by many but she now prefers to dye for personal enjoyment. Wendy has test knit for a dozen or so other companies. Her work has been seen in catalogs, magazines, books and on the catwalk at Stitches West. She prefers knitting and so remains firmly entrenched in test knitting and designing but will spin forever–because surely it’s as good as walking right? You can see a few of her patterns on Ravelry, the most popular of which is the Beaded Scallop Smoke Ring cowl. Wendy can be found at and blogs a bit at

1Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy


Syne Mitchell

Answering the question “How the heck do you do that?” is the focus of Syne’s life.  Most nights you’ll find her experimenting in her studio until the wee hours.  The deer in the forest outside have learned to ignore the green glow.

When she’s not crafting, Syne writes. Because knowing the answer is only half the fun, you have to share it with others.

An award-winning writer with a background in physics, Syne has published five science-fiction novels and has written for Spin-Off; Handwoven; The Journal of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers; Complex Weavers; Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot, and Knitty.  Her column Weaving the Web is a regular feature in Handwoven.

She produces, a website packed with weaving how-to’s and tutorials.  There you’ll also find her blog and podcast.  She’s on Ravelry as Syne Mitchell and @weavezine on Twitter.

Little Will by Donna Peyton – pre-order exclusive

Donna Peyton is originally from Charleston, South Carolina. Having lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Auburn, Alabama, Donna moved to the Metro Jackson area of Mississippi in 2001. She has been knitting since 1993 and spinning her own yarn since 2009. Donna is a member of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi and the Chimneyville Spinners and Weavers’ Guild. She has taught knitting and drop spindle classes in Mississippi and Texas. Donna also has taught English and currently teaches Latin and mythology. She loves to knit (especially lace and toys) and spin (especially spinning that she doesn’t have to pay attention to). Find her on Ravelry as LaceySockKitty

Dianne Reade-Jackson

A lover of classic literature and many forms of fiber arts, Dianne learned to knit as a child and has been avidly knitting since 1996.  Spinning followed in 2000 and a few years later she was a founding member of the Clear Water Fiber Guild in Western Wisconsin.   She is married to a man who won her heart by telling fascinating stories and mother to a grown son who shares her love of reading. Employed in the travel industry since 1980, wherever she travels; yarn, needles and a book are always close at hand.

Laura Ricketts

Laura Ricketts lives in the plains of Indiana with her husband, Chris, and her three squirrelly children. She maintains sanity by playing with wool. The draw to the dark side must be strong, as her husband viewed the craft room and gave her the moniker “Stashmuffin.” She lurks on-line as that alter ego, maintaining a blog site at and on Ravelry.

– TestKnitter: Erin (FiberIsGoodForYou)

Kathleen Rogers

Kathleen Rogers has been doing needle crafts since way back in the middle of the 20th century when her mother taught her to crochet lace edgings for linen handkerchiefs, as well as to cook, sew, and embroider.   She learned to knit from her aunt so that she could make a mustard-yellow sweater (with black and red embroidery) she saw in a magazine.  In the 21st century, her color sense has improved, and she loves working with hand-dyed yarns from independent dyers, and with one-of-a-kind yarns from artisanal spinners.   She and her knitting and crocheting projects and designs can be found on Ravelry where she is katrog.

In real life, she lives with her husband and her craft supplies within earshot of Boston. You can find more of her patterns at her Ravelry store.

Natalie Servant

Natalie Servant has too many interests to fully follow them all, but reading and crafting have always been a part of her life. She had a rough introduction to knitting in Brownies where being left-handed wasn’t a good thing. She only started knitting in earnest as a poor sweater-loving engineering student. A few years ago she began developing her own patterns and is now self-publishing them. She’s currently a stay-at-home mom to two delightful children. Find Natalie on Ravelry, on her blog, and in her Ravelry shop.
– Test Knitters: Jane (janielet43); Toni (equine); Mickey (xstmj); J J (jtucker201); Karen (puffycats)

Penny Shima Glanz

Penny Shima Glanz spent many afternoons of her childhood happily crafting and crocheting the granny squares her mother taught her to make in the play-house she and her father built. The urge to knit took hold after college and began as a way to relax from the demands of the workday. Today it is the intersection and interaction between technology and fibre craft that drives her work. She lives in Westchester, NY, with her husband, the yarn, and a cat. Discover more at her website, Little Acorn Creations. She is also on Ravelry.
– Test Knitter: Claire (transientmeow)

Andi Smith
Designer, Technical Editor

Knitting and reading! What could be more satisfying? Andi loves both and thoroughly enjoyed co-designing Jane Fairfax’s Tippet with Shannon. Andi drew on memories of her childhood in Yorkshire and a picture of her great grandmother to co-create this wonderful neck warmer. Andi has been knitting and designing for many years and her work can be seen in a variety of books and magazines as well as on her blog Knit Brit.

Julia Temisëva

Julia Temisevä is a knitter, ballroom dancer and writer. She is Finnish, currently living in London, UK.  Writing was her first creative pursuit, and so she has a BA and an MA in Creative Writing. Her short stories are written somewhat sporadically but obsessively; when inspiration strikes, either in designing knitwear or in story form, that idea has to be let out, otherwise sleep is compromised. She has learned this the hard way.
She knows how to crochet and spins on drop spindles, but knitting will always be her first choice in the fiber arts. Dancing is a hobby, knitting is a way of life.  Read her ramblings about yarn, dancing, gardening and other daily goings-on at her blog; see her other designs by going to Ravelry, where she goes by Luliriisi.

– TestKnitters: Toshi (celeritas2); Laura (angelfire212); Sarah Woolley (Thundertabby)
– Stunt Knitters: Stephanie (lumierelanuit); Mary (Fleecefriend); Jessica Johnston (kn1t1t)

Diane Trap

Diane Trap thinks that if Prospero had a Kindle he’d have had room on his lifeboat for his sons Hieronymous and Handsome Bob. She is Peg of Tilling on Ravelry and elsewhere on the Internet. When reading Persuasion she always skims past the fall on the Cobb because it’s very upsetting.

test knitters: Sandra Riggs, Elizabeth White.

Meg Warren

Meg is truly a citizen of the world. Having lived in Italy, Korea, and Japan, in addition to her small Idaho ranch, she has enjoyed traveling the world in an effort to learn as much as she can. Some of her favorite spots are Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Ireland, Wales, and (as you’ll see in Defarge Does Shakespeare) Venice. She has had some of her artwork exhibited in Tokyo and some of her haiku published there as well as in the United States.

She learned to knit as a child but found the experience to be “sticks in the eyes” frustrating due to the perfectionist attitude taken by her grandmother who told her the only way to fix a problem was to rip back to it. From this she learned to love imperfection in all aspects of her life. When she took knitting back up she discovered that the only thing she remembers from childhood is how her grandmother taught her to hold her needles. So she knits in the old Scottish style—and thanks her grandmother every day of her life for having the patience to try to teach someone so unwilling to learn.

She owns a small yarn business, March Hare Yarns (see Van Tassel Mittens, below, for one of her colors), and until recently raised her own sheep for spinning wool. She knits all the time, everywhere … much to the confusion of her Italian neighbors.

Shannon Sneedse

Shannon Sneedse is a New Jersey based illustrator and graphic designer. She has a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University. For the past 15 years, she’s worked in the apparel and textile industries in New York City. She enjoys creating artwork in either watercolor or scratchboard. She is currently the Resident Illustrator for In Your Ear Shakespeare, and the producer of the Chop Bard podcast. Her artwork can be found at She is snowbird626 on Ravelry.


All-around life-saver!

Heather Ordover
Editor, Designer

Heather Ordover began her professional life in Hollywood as a production assistant, became an award-winning high school teacher in NYC, then stayed home (often but not always) with her children while writing curriculum and other things and sometimes teaching at the University of Arizona. Now, she podcasts about knitting and literature on CraftLit where she shares “audiobooks with benefits” when she isn’t writing YA fiction, working on a Defarge book, or otherwise getting herself into trouble. She lives in Eastern PA with her amused husband, two goofball sons (Thing1 and Thing2), a sly cat, and an attic stuffed with yarn.
– StuntKnitters: KatieRhodes (knittymamaMT), Liz Arthur (FiberGeek), Heather Nielsen (HSailorMoon), Donna Peyton (LaceySockKitty)