Prospero’s Bookmark

Prospero’s Bookmark

As he compounded his spells and potions, I imagine Prospero had the same problem as those of us who read while knitting: how do you keep your book open while your hands are busy? Use this pattern to make your own book weight, a knitted bag to fill with secret treasures that will hold down pages on one side of your book, closed with a drawstring that can be hung with beads, pendants, or other magical items to hold down the pages on the other side.

The pattern includes instructions for three bags, plus directions for making a twisted cord for the drawstring. Knit whichever bag you like, close it with any drawstring you like—if not the twisted cord, then i-cord, crochet chain, ribbon, or chain will all work just fine—decorate and fill it with whatever you like: your book weight will be a finished object unique to you.

Designer: Diane Trap

Finished Measurements:
Size is not crucial to this project. Finished bags shown measure:
3½” / 9cm tall × 2½” / 6.5cm tall (purple)
4″ / 10cm wide × 3″ / 7.5cm tall (turquoise)

#3 or #5 crochet thread, 1 ball
#5 DMC single-strand embroidery floss, 1 or 2 skeins (Depending on the bag pattern, one skein may make a bag and a drawstring OR a widget holder, but not both.)

Gauge is not critical in this pattern, but a different gauge will affect yardage and size of finished item.

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