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What does that mean?

Well, one of the things we love about our book is that the digital version has live links. That means when we refer to a tutorial or to a recipe, the link in the eBook version will be clickable! Now, you may be thinking, what about the poor folks who are looking at their paper copies, all forlorn.

We’ve thought of them too.

Below, under the horizontal line, you will see all of the book’s links listed and clickable, pretty as you please, just like in the book. That way you never have to type out a long browser URL. You just come here and click.

This page will be updated regularly, but if you would like emailed updates, you can sign up for our mailing list. And, of course, if you ever find a broken link (or a nifty page you think the Madame would like) please email.

Links here are listed by page number: and from here you can download a pdf with color pictures of each pattern and the stitch guide. The first time a pattern appears below, you’ll also find a link to a one-sheet photo page which gives you the stats you need for an LYS jaunt as well as detail color pictures of each pattern.

[10] How to Knit Continental

[10] How to Knit British

[10] How to Crochet

[10] Ravelry group: more support here

[19] Jane’s Shawl: Picot Bind-Off tutorial; Jane’s Ubiquitous Shawl photos and stats

[19] Jane’s Shawl: Tea brewing

[19] Jane’s Shawl: (gluten free!) Shortbread recipe

[30] Dorothy’s Slippers: Foundation Stitches tutorial; Not So Ruby slippers photos and stats

[38] Isolde’s Hot Mulled Wine: a heart warming love potion!; Isolde socks photos and stats

[42] Tristan’s socks: Flaming Gluwein recipe; Tristan socks photos and stats

[46] Van Tassel Mittens: Katrina’s hot, spiced pumpkin soup; Van Tassel mittens photos and stats

[55] Mermaid’s Lagoon: shadow puppet image file

[57] Mermaid’s Lagoon: audio book files of Peter Pan: even more versions are pending!

[61] Bertha’s Mobius: Cat Bordhi’s fantastic books, A Treasury of Magical Knitting and A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting (Passing Paws Press, 2004 and 2005, respectively); Bertha’s Mad Mobius photos and stats

[63] Bertha’s Mobius: Cat Bordhi’s Intro to Mobius Knitting tutorial

[65] Bertha’s Mobius: flaming tropical drink worthy of Bertha’s madness

[72] Jekyll and Hyde: Hyde hooded sweater photos and stats; nummy black and white cookie: and a gluten-free version!

[77] Frankenhood: Frankenhood photos and stats; M1L tutorial

[77] Frankenhood: M1R tutorial

[78] Franken-fondue: Ale-rich and hearty fondue!

[93] Flatland: Swedish Pancakes; Colour Revolt photos and stats

[100] Cthulhu socks: Useful cable tutorial; Cthulhu Waits photos and stats

[101] Cthulhu fun: Destroyer of Pot Pies and Cthulhu podcast

[109] The White Wool: Ahab’s Chowder; White Wool scarf photos and stats

[114] Mariner Watch Cap: Ancient Mariner Wedding Punch; Mariner Watch Cap photos and stats

[115] Mariner Watch Cap: Stretchy Cast-on

[121] Winged Monkey Minions: Monkey Minions photos and stats; Banana Bundt Cake or a Banana Shake.

[123+] Women of Valor: Hovatter’s blog post; Tardis Sock Pattern; 9/11 account

[131] Wolf Slayer : Wolf Slayer hood photos and stats; Picnic goodies!

[137] Glacial Gauntlets: Nora’s Glacial gauntlets photos and stats; Wendy Keele’s spectacular book Poems of Color goes into great detail about the history and patterns of Bohus (if you like this experiment, you must try a pattern from her book); Kool Aid dying tutorials: from Knitty, from The Piper, and photos of the dying process used in this pattern.

[145] Ms Prynne: Ms Prynne cowl photos and stats; placing beads on the fly tutorial

[145] Ms Prynne: Hester’s Indian Pudding, and a gluten-free version!

[148] Wilhelmina’s Blood Red Cordial: a tested-tried-and-true cranberry liqueur

[149] Whilhelmina’s vampire yarn: from Sandra Singh, Autum Glow Fate Fingering; Mina shawl photos and stats

[155] Defarge: Forgotten Classics, Tale of Two Cities audio, WWMDfK shop

[158] Defarge: Panopticon; complete garter stitch Alphabet Pattern from Schoolhouse Press: Pattern #9

[159] Defarge: Scünci hair bands for stitch markers

[160] Defarge: Strawberries in Red Wine & Black Pepper Sauce; charts too big to be constrained by a book.

[161] Defarge: Cat Bordhi’s helpful cast-on (watch at minute marker 1:20)

[164] Defarge: Dyeing with an acid based dye: and yes, acid-based dyes are toxic. DO NOT inhale the powder. It’s okay if it gets on your hands, though it will dye them, but the inhaling is the problem: Dyeing tutorial; for small amounts of dye try KnitPicks.com or DharmaTrading.com

[172] Lysistrata: Lysistrata chiton photos and stats; an unconventional Sweet Potato Baklava for an unconventional heroine

[177] Jane’s Tippet: Jane’s Tippet photos and stats; Maggie Black’s Jane Austen Cookbook

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