Please Welcome Our Third Book in the Series—

Defarge Does Shakespeare

The Defarge Books are full of knit and crochet designs inspired by beloved characters from classic fiction. Here are some peeks at the third book, Defarge Does Shakespeare:

In our first book—What Would Madame Defarge Knit?—you found twenty-one knit and crochet designs (including one bonus design for paper enthusiasts) each inspired by a character you know and love. In our second book—What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit?—there are 27 knit designs (including a weaving pattern with DIY loom instructions) all based on new characters. Whether it’s a knitted amigurumi Friend from The Secret Garden, a Smashing Cap and Cuffs from Somerset Maughm, or Ball Gloves for Jane Bennet, each design in the book will resonate with you. And now, in our third book—Defarge Does Shakespeare—you’ll discover 28 knit patterns (and one hairpin lace pattern) that will knock your lovingly knitted socks off. Many much-loved designers from the first two books are back, weaving their spells in prose and yarn. And this time we’re joined by some new faces as well! Shakespeare’s canon is well-represented here—comedies, tragedies, histories, and a sonnet with patterns ranging from the playful Fairy Queen Tea Cozy—fit for Titania— to the divine—the Venice-inspired La Serenissima stole—to the gruesome Awful Nice Pie inspired by… well, three guesses on that one.

Don’t know much about Shakespeare?
Fear Not! As in the previous books, the designer’s inspiration is all there in their essays and by sharing their design process they also let you see through their eyes so you, too, can enjoy what they loved about the play . The final, happy cherry on top of our Defarge-y sundae—the book is, once again, populated by gorgeous art from Shannon Sneedse and kicked off by Ehren Ziegler of Chop Bard podcast.