Jane’s Ubiquitous Shawl

  • Chart A:
    on rows 37 and 39 there is a missing YO
    and on row 41 there is a missing double dec.
  • At the end of Chart A, there are 56 stitches in each quadrant. Row 1 on Chart B, however, has 58 stitches in it. The best I can figure is that there are 2 extra knit stitches shown in each odd-numbered row (only through Row 21*) on Chart B. So I am leaving out two knit stitches in each odd-numbered row, balancing them by leaving out one on each side of the center design area. If I have that figured out correctly, then the even-numbered rows are correct as shown on the chart.
    (*After Row 21, the number of stitches in each row appears to be correct, even in the odd-numbered rows. So now I have been knitting from row 22 on just as charted.)On Row 29, Column 47, the symbol there is for sl1 k psso but instead it should be the symbol for sl1 k2tog psso.

    On Row 35, there is an extra knit stitch charted between the Kfb in the center and the YO at the end of the row – there should only be 44 knit stitches between the symbols, not 45.– via mestitcher @ ravelry

Not So Ruby Slippers

  • This is what the original non-tech-edited pattern says:
  • Row 8: Ch3. Dc4, hdc to 4 stitches before marker (counting st the marker is in as the 4th st). Dc4, move marker up, dc4. Hdc to 4 stitches before end of round. Dc4. Join.

Ms Prynne

  • ERRATA: If working the beaded bind-off, omit Row 55, so that bind-off is worked on a right side row..